October 3, 2014

What makes you happy?

I was thinking in class today about happiness. What makes me really happy. Well that's what I am going to write down today, things that make me (maybe you too!) happy.
Biking on my own. I know it is not very social, but sometimes I need some me-time. That's why I love it to bike to school on my own. Alright some times I am to late and have to cycle super fast. But on some morning it is so nice to cycle to school. I really appreciate the cycle roads in the Netherlands, we don't have to wear helmets because the cycle roads are separated from the normal roads.  

 Yoga makes me really happy. Just focusing on my breath and doing all those poses. I am just a beginner in the whole yoga thing.
 Empty roads. I said the separated cycle roads, well not always. But this is an exception. But I love to cycle on empty roads, you don't have to look on the traffic just cycle. And let your thoughts go their own way.
 Coffee. I even wrote a whole blogpost about how much I love coffee. I know I am not the only one. 

And online shopping makes me happy. I would rather prefer online shopping over real shopping. I hate those lights on the changing cabins. And with online shopping you just can buy it and if it isn't good you can sent it back. I love it. 

And ofcourse my friends, family, dog, nice weather all that makes me happy. But when someone gives me a compliment, that can make my day. 

I would love to hear from you. What makes you happy?

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