October 3, 2014

Day 3 - #Teamnocheats

Currently I am doing the No Cheat October Challenge from Tumblr. I will keep you updated about the challenge here. Click on read more to see the details. 

Well today wasn't a good day for me. I ate super unhealthy,  I don't know why. Okay, maybe I do. Because it is weekend and I had a long schoolweek behind me. And my mother does all the grocery shopping on Friday which also means all the cheat food is there too. I let myself go. 

But I was thinking I am someone who eats candy all the time, I can't live without. I know some people do but I can't. I will change the rules a bit otherwise I would fail every Friday/Saturday and Sunday. 

The new rules for me 

  • One little candy or snack a day
  • Yoga every day
  • Going to Field Hockey pratice atleast once a week
  • Run once a week
  • Going to the woods as much as possible
I hope I can stick to these and ofcourse I will keep you updated about this. I am not doing this challenge to lose weight but to live healthier and happier. Hopefully I can say after this month I succeed. We will see.

See you tomorrow!


Are you doing this challenge too?

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