October 2, 2014

day 2 - #Teamnocheats

It is day 2! Click on read more to see how today went.

Day 2 - 2nd October 2014

Today went pretty well, just like yesterday. I woke up at around 8 AM. And school started on 12.30 PM, but I had lots of school work to do. I ate breakfast in bed, which is amazing. Did some homework and packed my bag for school. With fruits since I don't eat cookies anymore. And I like it. I feel much better when eating an apple then a cookie. I didn't got my 2 liters water today, but I am drinking water right now so hopefully I will get it when I am heading to bed. 

But the day went well. My mother bought some outmeal and other powerfood like that. But I really don't like it but maybe I just have to eat it and then eventually I will like it? I don't know. We will see how is goes. 

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