October 1, 2014

Day 1 - #Teamnocheats

I am doing the no cheats october Challenge on Tumblr. My idea was to update you everyday here on my blog! Ofcourse the normal blogpost will continue (on Monday, Wednesday and Friday). This challenge last untill Halloween. And I am really excited about it, because on Halloween it is my brothers 24th birthday and I have a great halloween party. So no cheats until then. Are you joining?

This Challenge is made by Natasha. Click on her name for her Tumblr.

  • Day 1 - 1st of October

Well today went pretty good. I ate lotst of fruit and drank my 2 liter water. I didn't think about cheating, like eating chocolate or candy. But it will be hard on the weekends, those are the days we have all the "cheatfood" at home. So we will see how it will go. But as long as my head is positive is going the good way. I really hope I finish this challenge with no cheats. But I did do these challenges before with bad results, I hope I can resist myself from the candy and stuff like that. May be Sunday will be the hardest day in the week because I work at a canday shop. But I think I will make it. As long as there is a will there is a way right? 

(And ofcourse on cheat in a while will be okay.)

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