September 27, 2014

I love Coffee, but I suck at taking pictures.

I am addicted to coffee and I know I am not the only one. Alright may be the only one of my friends group. But not the only one on tumblr of the internet. Coffee makes my day. Today I had a coffee date with one of my best friends and all I could think of in class was like "I am going to grap some coffee later". And it helped me through my 6 hours of class I had. I am not a person who can't start the day without coffee, most of the times I drink it in the afternoon of evening. Making my homework. So this blog is about COFFEE.

My favorite coffee is a cappucino with Caramel sirop. It is soo delicious, I drink it all the time. At home, in the library, bagels and beans like everywhere. Only one weird thing is that when I drink it on a empty stomach, I feel sick all day. That's why I drink in only in the afternoon (when I drink it late in the evening, I won't sleep...)

What is your favorite Coffee?

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