October 7, 2014

UPDATE: 10 Pan Challenge

I am not only doing the October Challenge but also the 10 Pan Challenge. Let me give you an update about it. Link about the post is here. There are two products empty. But sadly they were not on my list. 

Click on Read more to see which product are empty!

The Camomile Cleansing Oil - The Body Shop

I love this product so much. It makes my skin clean and it doesn't give my skin a dry feeling. I use to get my make up off. Like foundation and powder, that kind of stuff. I love it this much that I already am using a new one. 

Mango Srub - The Body Shop

This one is also from the body shop. I love The Body Shop. The mango srub is empty. No little rest left. The body butter is also empty (used it before this one was opened.) The only thing I have left from this line is the Showergel. Which is one my 10 Pan Challenge list.

The 10 Pan Challenge List

- Catrice Mascara , I guess this one won't last a week longer. I like this mascara so I will be buying a new one when this one is empyt.

- The Body Shop Coconut BodyButter , This one is almost empty. Can't wait to open new bodybutters.

Well these to are almost empty, the other products on the list are still full. I will let you know when I finished a product!


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