October 8, 2014

Day 7 - #Teamnocheats

And it's day 7. Wow already one week done! Can't wait till Halloween.
Currently I am doing the October no cheat Challenge, I will keep you updated here. 

7th October 2014

It went okay, I had sometimes that I wanted to eat all the candy in the house. But I didn't. Instead I ate an apple or any other fruit we have. So that's a good thing right?
I went to hockeypractise too. It was so cold outside but I went any way. It was lots of fun at the training. After that I took a shower, drank some water and made my homework.

I will be online on Tumblr right now, so if you have any question ask them on Tumblr (same name as my blog)

Lots of love,

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