September 10, 2014

Why am I not like those girls?

Why am I not like those girls who can talk to everyone, smile with everyone? Why do I have to be shy. I don't get invited to all those nice parties. Well, sometimes but that's because of my friends who can talk to everyone easy. When I talk to someone I have to think about what I am going to say, it is not natural.

I wish I could talk to that cute boy in the bus, or on the train station. Even when I  am in a shop and go to the checkout, I can't go to the one with the goodlooking boy. That makes me nervous. That's pretty weird isn't it. I am not one of those girls who have a tons of boys talking to.

It is not like I am a unsocial bitch. I am really nice to people and when I am friends with you I feel a little more comfortable. But you know why I am not like those girls? Because I am me, and you are you. As long as you stay yourself everything will be okay.

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