September 20, 2014

Some new things!

First of all, I am really sorry about abandon my blog. Schools keeps me busy. But also my friends and sports, it is hard to plan all these things together. But now I am here, sitting in my room with some amazing ideas in my head. All for the blog! So here we go.

(the weather in the Netherlands is amazing the last days!)

Grateful Tuesday

We are all grateful for something. And every Tuesday we are going to say it out loud. It doesn't have to be a big item, even something small is good! I will do this on my blog but also on my Tumblr.


Weekly challenges are super fun to do! I really love them. So I start with them every Saturday (the first one will go up today!) I hope you love them as much as I do. And if you have a good idea about a challenge, send them in! 

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