September 22, 2014

A Feeling Like Home

"Home is where the heart is" I hear that so much. But I don't think like that. Home is were I feel safe, can be myself. For me, Home is were my favorite kind of music is, a hot cup of tea and my friends and family. Home is my yoga mat. Home is the nature, fresh air in your lungs. May be I am a dreamer if I say this. But I think almost every place can feel like home, as long it is safe and I can be myself.

I want to travel, going to a different country and live there for a while. I am thinking about studying abroad. May be Australia or the United States, I don't know. Some people have told me "Aren't you scared of being away for a while, away from home and your family?" Well ofcourse I am scared of going to a place where I know no one. But a difference is good sometimes. And I know for sure if I end up in the right place (which is going to) that place will also feel like home. I know for sure I will miss my friends like crazy, but you can always make new friends. Make amazing memories to tell your old friends. And if it is a good friendship it doesn't matter if you are away for a while. As long as you put energy in your friendship. That's how I see things. But I am planning on going to study abroad, and my other best friend too. (we are a group of three best friends) so one will stay in The Netherlands. But I am sure we will be friends for a long long time.

Home is where love is. Home is where you can stay in pyamas all day and not worry. Home is feeling safe.

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