August 25, 2014

Living The Bike Life

As you may know, I live in The Netherlands, which means I cycle a lot. And with a lot I mean a lot. I do everything with my bike. To school, field hockey pratice/match, visiting friends, going to the mall, work. And I am used to it. So when a someone (I met in Spain, lives in another country) said that they do everything by car. I was a little bit shocked. Because when he went to a party, one of his parents had to drop him off and pick him up later. Totally different when I go to a party, I jump on my bike and I am gone for the rest of the night. No parents who have to drop me off. But that also means most of the time their is no time limit of coming home. Because when your parents have to pick you up you will have a time limit (atleast that's what I think..)

How do you do that? Are you a car kid or a bike kid?

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