August 21, 2014

Just A Normal Day

Today was a normal day in my life. School started a few days ago. And well that also means homework. It's not that much, but in my first week homework is not usual. 
I woke up at around 8 AM and then headed in to the shower. I had gymnatists this morning. Yeah, I really hate that. But I saw my mentor from last year and she was so great. Too bad I don't have class from her this year. Well before the class started I felt sick, but I finished the whole school day. I don't like it to miss the first classes of a subjet. When I got home at around 2 PM (my last two hours got canceld yeah :)) I started with the homework so I had the whole evening free.
Normal I have field hockey practice in the evening. But I still felt sick so I didn't go. Because you have to run and stuff like that. So next time better. 


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